Tania Ahmadi Kaliji is the deputy chairperson of MFF-NGO. Actually Tania is studying medicine at Eberhard-Karls University in Tübingen. She was born in Sary (Iran) and started writing weblogs at the age of 16 with "khonyager-e khamoosh [the silent musician], she worked on a lot of projects promoting women's and children's rights, focused on efforts to stop the stoning and execution of women and children. After her studies of medical diagnostic laboratory she worked as an assistant pathologist in Tehran hospitals. During the election campaign of 2009 she became active in the Green Movement. In total she was arrested five times, she was hold in solitary confinement, brutally tortured and finally left Iran in February 2010. She is now living in Germany, continuing her human rights activities and giving support and help to a lot of iranian refugees as founding member of MFF- NGO. Since 2013 she is repeatedly attending the sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council at Geneva (Switzerland).

Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Mayr is the chairman of MFF-NGO. He is a german Nephrologist and Medical Director of the MVZ Dr. Mayr und Kollegen Altötting-Burghausen GmbH, located in Altoetting, Upper Bavaria. Since 2010 he is involved in human rights acitivities supporting iranian dissidents leading to contacts among others with foreign department of german government, delegates of the german Parliament and the United Nation Human Rights Council.