Another legal background of our activities

Iranian dissidents who fled to Turkey or North of Iraq hardly are in security.

§ 22 Germany’s Residence Act (§22 AufenthG): "For the admission into Germany from abroad a foreigner

may be granted a residence permit under international law or urgent humanitarian reasons."


For the admission from abroad the german government currently accepts only individual cases of refugees, which were in an outstanding position through their oppositional or human rigth activities.

The procedure of getting accepted is a long one. A detailed CV and accurate descriptions of activities accompanied by supporting documents or internet reports, links, testimonials from international human rights organizations are required. In any case it is mandatory to report to UNHCR and to apply for asylum with regard to get the refugee status.

If the refugee is estimated to belong to the group of outstanding individual cases, he can send the above mentioned documents to us. Besides the confirmation of UNHCR, we also need copies of the passport. After review we will forward it to the Foreign Office of the german government.

We kindly ask you to submit documents only in English or German language as possible, because we have only limited opportunities to translate the documents from the persian language.     




[Asylum request in Germany:]

Article 16a of german "Grundgesetz" notes that all persons who are persecuted because of political reasons have right to Asylum.

Grundgesetz Artikel 16a : "(1) Politisch Verfolgte genießen Asylrecht."

For a refugee who allready arrived in Germany, the procedure is as follows: Refugees seeking for asylum in Germany are registrated at the offices of BUNDESAMT FUER MIGRATION UND FLUECHTLINGE (Federal Office for migration and refugees). There are different offices in every part of Germany, most of them in capitals of the federal states (Bundesländer). The Asylum seeker has a hearing, gets a temporary residence permit and is transferred to a admission House, where he is obliged to stay until his request of Asylum is decided. After negative decision the refugee has the possibility to fail a claim against the negative decision about his asylum request at the Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgericht).

One important thing a refugee seeking for asylum in Germany must understand is the fact that Germany is part of the European Union and the country the refugee entered first is charged to carry out the asylum process. It means that generally there is no point in entering Italy or Hungary and then travel to Germany, because according to the Convention of Dublin the asylum request procedure should be held in the country the refugee entered first in the European Union, even though it has been shown that several countries like Italy and Greece don't fulfill human rights requirements for the treatment of refugees.